OMG, I just love you, Alex Jones! I cannot believe it, I had not seen your video before tonight. I had already planned to write a post to my blog on the EXACT title you used for your video. I agree with you on EVERY point!!

America is supposed to be a Republic NOT a Demon-Racy!! This is NOT a new video, but the message is IMPERATIVE for all American Patriots that love our beloved nation to view!

In case you were unaware, we no longer have the Republic that our founding fathers envisioned and founded. In fact, it’s not even close. What we all have now is a corrupt Socialist Democracy. Where those in power pull every string they have to keep the citizenry divided. While they strip everything away that threatens their grasp on power. source: Earl Wright, I Want My Republic Back

We desperately need to stop the N.W.O. Communists Globalists from finishing off America. GOD help us all if the #BenghaziBitch #Gobalist #CrookedClinton is allowed to have her way bought into our W.H.!! For God’s sake, please compare the candidates, they are the completely different people!


TRUMP: is Honest, and he has Integrity! He is for Legal Americans, and for #MakingAmericaGreatAgain! He wants to control our borders, make them secure, protect our right to keep our guns, lower taxes, make our country conducive to bringing employment and businesses back to America, and help our veterans. He will work for US!!

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CLINTON: is a proven LIAR, and she has NO Integrity! She is for the Illegals, and bringing America down, taking away our guns, she wants open borders, no security, NO wall, HIGHER taxes, WILL NOT bring back businesses or jobs! She will work for herself and the Globalists of the N.W.O.!!



NO MORE EXCUSES! Clinton is NOT fit Physically or Mentally to run our Nation!


She is DISGUSTING! She is a BACK STABBING, HATEFUL, CRIMINAL, BLAMING, AND EXCUSE MAKER just like Hussein is!! She BLAMES the Victims of her PERVERTED husband’s crimes! She is pure EVIL! I can see it in her eyes. God save us from this EVIL DEMON!!

I thank God that I don’t have to work for such an EVIL witch!! Remember the “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”, that is all they know how to do!! LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, KILL, BLAME OTHERS, NAME-CALL, AND MAKE EXCUSES!! She is SICK physically and mentally!! You cannot convince me that she is fit to be our president! GO AWAY, BITCH!!

I thought that Hussein was bad, but she will be twice as nasty and evil as him!! Since, she is always BLAMING everyone else for her problems, she has to be an alcoholic/addict!! She REALLY needs help!! LORD, PLEASE don’t let that EVIL witch get into our W.H.!! We the People, cannot stand more of Hussein’s DEVASTATING agendas!! NO MORE EXCUSES!! It is NOT a fucking “conspiracy theory” it is FACT!! Anyone that would even think about voting for the #BENGHAZIBITCH is a TRAITOR to the United States!!



NAME-CALLING: That is ALL That The #ClintonCartel Have to TRY and Stop #TRUMP!! They are DESPERATE!!

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Basket Of Deplorables” http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/09/politic…


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I love your work! Keep it coming C.T.! You are right, #CROOKEDCLINTON is DESPERATE!! They are calling #Trump what she and Bill are!! She has proven time and again that she is a LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, KILLING, COMMIE PIG, and would sell us all “down the river” for money. She is a WHORE to the Saudi Arabians and Islamic Terrorists!! Man, they really are IGNORANT! The #BenghaziBitch calling an American Patriot that has worked for everything that he has, NOT STOLEN it from others like the Clinton’s!!

I love you ladies, Diamond and Silk, I could not have said it better!! Keep it coming!!

Hillary’s IT guy caught asking how to destroy evidence!, Hillary’s IT guy just broke! What he leaked about Hillary will lose her the election!, Citizen Wells commenter bob strauss



IF we can get Trump into the W.H., then he will have her and Obama arrested!! NOTHING will be done until Obastard leaves the W.H.!! She has too much dirt on him! IF there were justice, both of them would already be in prison!!!

Citizen WElls

Hillary’s IT guy caught asking how to destroy evidence!, Hillary’s IT guy just broke! What he leaked about Hillary will lose her the election!, Citizen Wells commenter bob strauss

“I watched her on countless occasions blatantly lie to the American people and knowingly lie.”…Linda Tripp

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells

From Citizen Wells commenter bob strauss.

“Hillary’s IT Guy Just Broke! What He Leaked About Hillary…

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Obama’s Mentor Was a Satan Worshipper, What Does That Make Obama?

Fellowship of the Minds

Many of us know that Saul Alinsky, the leftwing guru of community organizers such as Barack Obama, had dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.

Lucifer was the name of the fallen angel who rebelled against his Creator and so became Satan. In other words, Alinksy dedicated his book to Satan.

Worse than that, in a 1972 Playboy interview before he died, Alinsky so admired Satan he professed he’d rather go to Hell than Heaven. (See “Obama’s Mentor, Saul Alinsky, was a Luciferian“)

Reverend/Dr. James David Manning, of Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, makes a thought-provoking observation in the video below. He points out that, in his many years as a pastor, he’s met many sinners who had fallen away from God but also many who worship and praise God. But Manning had never met anyone who actually praises Satan.

So it is noteworthy that…

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#CRIMINALHillary is a Pathological LIAR!

#CRIMINALHillary is a Pathological LIAR! Hillary the liar, is corrupt to the core, she’s a WHORE! She is one very evil woman! #CrookedClinton has a lot of skeletons in her closet and a lot of blood on her hands! Hillary lied and four men died! #CrookedHillary, the liar, belongs in Prison! Along with her criminal, PERVERTED husband, bill! The Clinton’s are a Criminal Career family! The #ClintonCartel! I would vote for anyone over that #BENGHAZIBITCH!

Sheriff Babeu – A Trump Victory Is A Win For America And Mexico — RickWells.US

Maria Bartiromo interviewed Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, asking him to characterize the border situation right now. “Well certainly it’s unsecured,” he said, “being here in Arizona, on the border, we’ve had 80 – 120,000 illegals apprehended each year of the past three years, just here in this one part of Arizona. In law enforcement…

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Amen to that!