The United States Is NOT A Democracy! It’s A REPUBLIC!





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Good news! Remove ALL the old RINOS and Demon-Rats!!

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WASHINGTON — Speaker John A. Boehner will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October, according to aides in his office.


Mr. Boehner was under extreme pressure from the right-wing of his conference over whether or not to defund Planned Parenthood in a bill to keep the government open.

Those of us who have followed this fool have wanted him to give up his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives since he became the personification of a RINO

John Boehner war often mentioned as “Bend over Johnny,”…

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Teddy Roosevelt Was Right!



STOP Listening To The Racist, Liberal BIASED Media! They LIE!


It is not that I am voting for Dr. Ben Carson, but he is right…I would not support a muslim president either. He is for amnesty, and I am NOT!

If Obama had been honest, and if had not hidden all of his records, he would NOT be occupying our W.H.!

He is ILLEGALLY USURPING our presidency! Hell, look what the muslim plant has done to our country so far!

The media are so desperately looking for some controversy to stir up shit against the conservative politicians!

Islam is NOT consistent with our U.S. Constitution! Carson did not say that they could NOT be muslim. All he said was that he would not be comfortable or trust them.

Hell, I do NOT trust them either! He is not trying to control others right to worship as they choose! He was HONEST and told people that he is not for it.

OMG, all I have seen this morning, is the Liberal BIASED Media trying to crucify Dr. Carson.

Next will be the crucifixion of  Donald J. Trump.

We the People, are NOT fooled by you assholes! Donald Trump for President! He is still the man! I am 100% for Donald J. Trump!!!!!!

But my god, you BIASED fools in the media, can all go to hell! I warned that people that you POS would be getting really dirty as time passes, and you are getting more desperate!

We the People, are for freedom of religion, BUT we are NOT for any islamic cult that advocates rape, torture, death, or pedophilia!! Muslims believe that it is ok to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL all other Infidels!! Infidels are anyone that does NOT submit to their wishes, which includes all of us!

They have NO place in America! We have Freedom of religion in America and a Bill of Rights, and a U.S. Constitution to follow.

Muslims believe that they are exempt from our laws! They are NOT!  They can either follow all the rules and laws of America, or they can leave!

I pray to God that there is NEVER another muslim allowed to occupy our W.H.!!


State Department Asked Hillary to Delete Classified Benghazi E-mail


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By Joel Gehrke — September 17, 2015


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It’s NOT the Job of Republicans to “Correct” People Who Hate Obama. Their job is to tell the TRUTH!


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OBAMA IS NOT AN AMERICAN AND HAS NO INTEGRITY WHATSOEVERIt is the job of ALL of our politicians to tell the TRUTH! Something that BHO knows nothing about! Go get them, TRUMP!

He should NEVER apologize for telling the TRUTH! BHO is a MUSLIM!

Hell, I am excited that we have a candidate like Trump that will stand up to the Commie PIGS! I would lose respect for Trump if he ever backs down and apologizes for telling the TRUTH!

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crew-22312Not to quibble with a single word with Daniel Greenfield, Obama isn’t part of the problem, “He is the problem.”

Since when is it the job of Republicans to defend Obama?

It’s the members of congress’ job to impeach him, find him guilty in the senate then press on with finding him guilty of treason.

O.K.. I can dream can’t I?

Front Page Magazine


Recently MoveOn, an organization close to Obama, accused senators opposed to Iran getting nukes of being traitors.

It also attacked the Jewish Schumer by claiming, “We don’t need another Lieberman in the Senate.” (It might be gratifying if all the liberals calling out Ann Coulter’s Tweets were as willing to call out blatant anti-Semitism by one of their own organizations.)

I don’t recall Obama condemning MoveOn.

Instead he added to the chorus by accusing opponents of being behind the Iraq War.

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National POW/MIA Recognition Day


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I pray that all of our heroes are resting in peace, where ever they are. One of my Palen cousin’s from Dubuque, Iowa is still Missing since the Vietnam War. His body was never recovered.

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Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day. More than 83,000 heroes are still missing from WWII, the Korean War, The Cold war, the Vietnam War and the Gulf war.

List of Troops Missing Since WWII Still Tops 83,000,

NORFOLK — They still weep. Even after all these years. For their men who vanished in war — fathers, sons, brothers, husbands whose remains were never found. For the shadows that have haunted their families. And the vigils that won’t end until there’s no one left alive who remembers and still hurts….More than 83,000 are unaccounted for from World War II to the latest conflicts….

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I salute all the brave men and women who serve (d) our nation, those Americans who are listed as Missing in Action (MIA) and remain until this day unaccounted for.

God Bless them. God bless their families, friends and loved ones…

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