No Surveillance State Month, Part 3: Online Database Opt-Out

Professional Troublemaker

Search PeopleSo many companies exist solely to gather your personal information and sell it to others: nosy neighbors, your employer, and most definitely the government (you might be surprised how much of Equifax and other consumer reporting companies’ business comes from the government). The information can consist of your address and other contact info, how much you paid for your house, public debt information, links to your family, and other intrusive details that you may simply prefer not to share with the world. But, it may seem like there are so many places on the Internet that have your data that going around and asking them to take down your data would be futile (or worse, be ignored by the data providers).

Actually, there are only a few big sources for data, and most of the vast quantities of data providers are simply resellers, and further, all of the big online…

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