Cruz On Obama’s Plan To Arm Syrian Rebels: “Don’t Give Weapons To People Who Want To Kill Us” (Video)

Nice Deb

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)  spoke on the Senate floor, today, to voice his concern about Obama’s plan to supply arms to Syrian rebels. The senator criticized the Regime’s failure to engage at the beginning of the uprising when peaceful protesters could have used the vocal, energetic support of the United States, and we could have made a positive difference.. Cruz argues that the U.S. has since lost its opportunity to have influence over the situation in a manner that would serve our nation’s best interests.

He also said it is deeply disturbing that the president “has chosen not to communicate his decision directly to congress or the American people. And I would note,  communicating not through a junior staffer, not through a spokesperson but himself directly to the American people. According to a Pew poll taken over the weekend, 70% of Americans oppose arming the Syrian rebels. Quite sensibly…

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