Loudon: Immigration-Reform Movement The Brainchild of American Communists

Nice Deb

The House GOP Caucus is meeting tomorrow in closed door session to decide their position on immigration. Word on the street is that Boehner is working with the White House to cram an amnesty bill down our throats. 

Mickey Kauscited this exchange on Sunday’s Meet the Press that should chill you to the bone:

MR. TODD: …. Let me tell you something else, David. White House, now I have– they had been so confident that they were going to sign immigration reform this year. For the first time I– I am hearing that there is some doubt seeping in, that they think that maybe the House won’t act. What they need is they need an– they need something to sort of force Boehner to like at the last minute bring it to the floor the same way that the fiscal cliff deal happened. The problem is there’s no trigger at the…

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