Impeach, Convict, Arrest Obama! He Is An Illegal, Marxist, Muslime, Usurper SOB!

It is way past time to ARREST and JAIL the Usurper and STOP him and his DISGRACEFUL wife from SQUANDERING anymore of our hard working taxpayers money! We have Legal Americans who are unemployed, homeless, and losing their life savings because of the Obama‘s policies, and those POS are spending millions of our tax money on their vacations! He should NEVER have been allowed to INFILTRATE our W.H.!! He is a Marxist, Muslime TERRORIST!!


Looking for Constitutional grounds to impeach the president? This could do it. 

Every member of the armed forces of the United State of America takes an oath to defend and protect our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The President of the United States as Commander in Chief of those military forces takes that same oath. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution grants the power to declare war to Congress, not the president, not NATO, and not the United Nations

But forget all that. Now Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has decided the power to authorize offensive military operations is no longer the responsibility of Congress. On March 7, 2012 Leon Panetta told a Congressional oversight panel that he prefers building an international consensus, seeking the approval of foreign leaders before conducting military campaigns. Only then does he consider consulting Congress for its input.

Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Payne and all other founding fathers must be spinning in their graves. It’s time now to determine whether the Constitution still matters!

Panetta’s answers so infuriated Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones, of North Carolina, that he introduced a House resolution declaring the Obama administration’s cavalier use of military forces, without Congressional authority, to be an Impeachable High Crime and Misdemeanor under Article, Section 4 of the Constitution. 

Panetta’s derisive attitude toward our Congress and Constitution clearly reflects that of his boss. When questioned over his right to introduce US forces into the Libyan civil war last June, Obama flippantly responded, -I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question.- Instead, Obama tried covering his tracks by sending a letter to the Speaker of the House, claiming the attack on Libya had been authorized by the United Nations Security Council.

But I suppose you’d expect loyalty to global tyranny from a man who’s a -citizen of the world.-

  • Why is the Filthy globalist obama still in office? Americans need to get him out of the USA, along with the Filthy stinking Corrupt, Communist UN!!


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