Current Events leading up to NWO’s Americian Collapse

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In case you missed it, or are just waking up, I decided to bring you up to speed with an updating article that will list current articles we run about the NWO’s Agenda to collapse America. So book mark this page and when you are scouring the internet looking for info of America’s Tyrannical Government, world events pertaining to this agenda, and discussions of Patriots on the subject, look here. This  list starts with July 1 2013 posts.

Obama’s Maneuvers

Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Shutdown Of All U.S. Communications

Obama Commits To Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty

Obama Suspends The Law

Obama To Tweak Health Privacy To Disarm Americans

Government-Approved Race Riots?

Shopping Mall Workers Spying Under Obama Spy Grid

Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’

False Flag or real Events that could be coming

Why is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid talking about a POST NUCLEAR Senate?

BREAKING JULY 8, 2013: UN Planes Landing At…

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