Report: IRS agents used secret DEA data to make cases against taxpayers, covered up where the info came from

Engineering Evil

By  David Martosko

PUBLISHED: 15:12 EST, 8  August 2013 |  UPDATED: 15:15 EST, 8 August 2013



An outdated version of a manual distributed  to Internal Revenue Service agents showed them how to hide the origin of  intelligence on taxpayers that came from a secretive database built by the Drug  Enforcement Agency.

The DEA program, operated by its clandestine  Special Operations Division (SOD), includes information collected by the  National Security Agency. It made front-page news on Monday when Reuters  reported that it funnels intelligence including overseas intercepts, domestic  wiretaps and statements from informants to other law enforcement agencies, which  use the material to build criminal cases against Americans.

One controversial element of the program  involves the government’s use of ‘parallel construction’ techniques to recreate  criminal investigations without disclosing that the NEA’s Special Operations  Division provided its launching point.

The IRS’s employee manual, Reuters  reported Thursday, included from 2005 to…

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