The Most Important Article About Syria Ever

What Did You Say?

By Onan Coca /

Syria-PlanHerman Cain is a very smart guy.

He recently posted a fake Facebook conversation the president had with some very important politicians.

As I read through the fake convo, I found myself laughing out loud; but as I finished, the laughter turned to introspection.

The fake conversation wasn’t so fake… it was based on reality and only slightly blurred at the edges…which got me to thinking about the hypocrisy some of us exhibit in our politics.

Liberals like to pretend that Republicans are always searching for ways to increase the power of the executive branch – which is why so many of them got antsy when Iran started “posturing” during the Bush years. Crazy Uncle Joe (Biden) went so far as to threaten impeachment if President Bush didn’t seek authorization from Congress before invading Iran.

Yet Bush had sought authorization on both Afghanistan and Iraq…

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