U.S. Congress Members On Egypt Visit Thank 30 Million Egyptians For Demonstrating Against The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Issue

During a visit to Egypt, three U.S. lawmakers declared their support for Egypt’s military and thanked the “30 million Egyptians” who staged demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The members of congress included Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert. Michele Bachmann started the statement declaring “Together, our country, the United States and Egypt have dealt with the same enemy. It’s a common enemy,” before adding that “I want to assure the people of Egypt that I, as a member of Congress, will stand strong in support of continuing military support, United States support financially, to stand for the military in Egypt.”

Kind and Gohmert also declared their support for the Egyptians who stood up for liberty and freedom and stood up against the Muslim Brotherhood. [h/t to Amy]

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