Jeanine Pirro: 2016 Can’t Come Soon Enough

Nice Deb

In making a point about the president’s lack of leadership in her opening statement Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro compared him to Lincoln and Reagan, trashing Obama as a weak and feckless  embarrassment.

“Admit it, you’ve been played”, she jeered. “Caught flat footed by a devil who doesn’t wear Prada. Through your feckless an inept foreign policy, you have squandered the good will and the reputation of this great nation. You engage in diplomacy with public conversations with your finger to the wind. The United States of America deserves better. The men who made the monumental decisions that contributed to the greatness of America, did it through a position of strength and respect. They didn’t make these decisions on stage, but rather in the quiet of the Oval Office after consultation and consideration of the consequences. You sit in the same office that Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan sat, but you…

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