GOP Expanded Senate Majority After ’96 Shutdown – Gov’t Shutdown History

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pumpkintime shutdown
-Bill O’Reilly Has a Very Unique Idea on How to Avert a Gov’t Shutdown
-Live Blog: Media Coverage of Government Shutdown
– DEJA VU? GOP crafts another ObamaCare delay after Senate snub
-Reid: ‘We Are Not Going to Negotiate’
September 30, 2013

The Senate pulled a page Monday from Yogi Berra and sent the House into “deja vu all over again,” killing a Republican counter-proposal that would have delayed ObamaCare — and sending House Speaker John Boehner back to consider yet another proposal to stall the implementation of the law.

Senate Democrats, though, have vowed to reject that counteroffer.

“As we said Friday, nothing has changed. If they try to send us something back, they’re spinning their wheels,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

The Senate voted Monday to reject a Republican-backed bid to delay ObamaCare as part of a crucial government spending package, sending the bill back to the…

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