The Liar-in-Chief

the liar in chief

Lie’s , Lie’s, Lie’s And More Lie’s

Boy Does Obama Think That The American People Are Stupid!!!!

Satan was the master of deceit but Obama runs him a close second

Obama said that raising the national debt ceiling does not raise the debt or deficits and does not cost the American people any more Money—Half Truth –Half Lie!!!

When you need to raise the debt limit you have exceeded the old limit as America has at this present time!!

You could request a debt limit raise before the debt limit has been exceeded but that usually means that you intend to exceed the debt limit in the near future-

At the Present time the revenues coming in are below what we have spent and continue to spend and the treasury must Borrow additional money to pay the bills!!

Simple we can not pay the bills with out borrowing more money !!!

The Debt has gone from $10.4 trillion dollars 12/31/08 to nearly $17, trillion Today-

So you tell me how the Debt won’t increase without cutting spending or increasing Revenues??

The CBO predicts that The National Debt will have Doubled from the debt of 239 plus years and 43 other Presidents on Obama’s 1st day in office by 2016 to $20 plus Trillion–

So again tell me how the debt will not increase??? ~~~source: Jerry R. Barton Sr.


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