Obamacare sucks big time


Obamacare is all about big government control. It is not about a practical and workable healthcare system. The past 2 weeks have evidenced Obamacare’s blatant failures; not only in its sign-up execution, but also how it is next to impossible for ordinary Americans to afford this non affordable healthcare. Nevertheless, two of three United States branches of government are unbending in their relentless pursuit to shove unpopular Obamacare down America’s throats.

The following forum comments were posted on a Michigan city’s local online forum.  Please note 3 important aspects:

1 – The untenable situation with which Obamacare has put a rank-in-file American family [in]:

2-  How an obvious liberal / progressive (Obamabot) responds to this Moralmatters.org author’s comment

3- This Moralmatters.org author’s retort response.

37040. by (*&^&* – 10/08/13 7:27 PM

Affordable Health Care…. – Watching the CBS evening news tonight I see a young New York woman was able…

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