Students’ right to wear American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo heads to federal appeals court

Engineering Evil

Published time: October 17, 2013 23:48
Edited time: October 18, 2013 00:25                                                                            
Win McNamee/Getty Images/AFPWin McNamee/Getty Images/AFP

A federal appeals court is considering whether administrators of a school marred by racial tension and gang activity went too far when they sent home students who arrived wearing American flag shirts on a Mexican holiday.

The three students showed up at Live Oak High School on May 5,  2010 and were quickly told to either cover up their attire by  turning their shirts inside out or go home. May 5 also happens to  be Cinco de Mayo, an annual celebration of Mexican heritage. The  holiday is popular throughout the US, particularly in the  southwestern states, and is related to the anniversary of  a historical battle against French forces observed in the  Mexican state of Puebla.

Administrators said they told the students to hide their clothing  because of heightened stress and shouting matches between  students on…

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