But … there is that wild card

LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!

UP CURTAIN! Order out of chaos – the guiding strategy JR

“Create crises, large and small, provoke a level of fear that results in people everywhere demanding “a restoration of security, no matter what it takes.” JR

The latest warning, water supply poisoning, compliments of the three letter agency known for grooming young terrorists right here in River City America.

“Set person against person and group against group, cut off people who are on government benefits, while swelling the ranks of those who depend on governments for physical survival.” JR

Soros funded group planning mass move on amnesty October 28

From Jon RappoportGovernment shutdown: the takedown of America

Another brick laid in the path to decimation.While the Democrats and the Republicans, the White House and the Congress cross swords over the funding of government;

While the White House orders the shutdown of visible national parks and war…

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