Marine vet on Obama and the Saudi connection

Fellowship of the Minds

My post of Oct. 24,U.S. Army tells soldiers Christians and Tea Party are terrorists,” elicited this interesting commentary from retired US Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. John McClain.

Below is Sgt. McClain’s commentary. Words between brackets colored teal are mine.

See also Trail Dust’s “President Lucifer’s Puppeteers Demanding Their Money’s Worth.”


I saw this coming to be as I was leaving the Corps in ’97.  I had once hoped to spend the rest of my life in service, and absent my descent with Gulf War syndrome, I’d be fighting these people, and probably end up in Leavenworth. I now live about fifty miles from Cherry Point Marine Air Station, close enough I keep good contact and connections, far enough I live truly among a civilian population. 

Vets and those who have invested their lives and time in support of our troops know we have a Muslim president doing everything in his…

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