Jeanine Pirro Slams Obama: ‘You’ve Lost All Credibility – No One Believes You Anymore’ (Video)

Nice Deb

“Why aren’t heads rolling”, Judge Jeanine asked at the beginning of her show’s opening statement, Saturday night, referring of course to ObamaCrash…..”Why haven’t people been fired?” she continued.  “Why? Because that’s not Obama’s M.O. What happens in this administration, stays in this administration.”

Is there anyone in America that really believes that Obama didn’t know? Jeanine wondered. (psssst. yes, Bill O’Reilly.)

Pirro had a few words for “Simple Sebelius”, too…”Consider this”, she posited, ” You’ve got a great job, your boss assigns you with a task with an unlimited budget – but a deadline – You swear it will be done. When it isn’t, your boss is mortified and publicly humiliated. Do you think for one minute you would keep your job? I don’t know about you, but anyone who worked for me would be afraid to even show up for work. But not in Washington – not in the…

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