Obamacare NIGHTMARE! The Nation’s Insurers Are Engaged In An All-Out, Last-Ditch Effort To Shield Themselves!

obamacare nightmareTumblr

Obamacare Nightmare! The Nation’s Insurers Are Engaged In An All-Out, Last-Ditch Effort To Shield Themselves From BLAME For What They Predict Will Be Rate Increases On Policies They Must Unveil This Spring To Comply With Resident Obama’s Health-care Law!

This Unconstitutional Crap that our Resident in the W. H. went around Congress to sign is ILLEGAL! They are trampling all over our U.S. Constitution and our state laws!!

Obama STOLE from our Social Security fund to put in the obamacareless nightmare! Replace it, you thief! Our elderly paid into the Social Security system all their lives, and it is NOT an entitlement it is their money NOT yours!!

The Resident is exhibiting old dope fiend behaviors! He MAY not be using, but he still has all the behaviors of the dope fiend! He LIES, MAKES EXCUSES, and BLAMES everyone else for his failures and problems. He BLAMES the whites for keeping the black people down!

In reality, Sharpton, Jackson, and Hussein are all keeping the blacks down by making them Victims and allowing them to make EXCUSES for why they kill each other everyday, and why they do not do something good with their lives. Keeping them  in Denial and Blaming which helps NO ONE but the race baiters!

It keeps them trapped in the Victim mode, and allows them to pity themselves and try to BLAME the white people for keeping them down.

It is all LIES! There are many respectable blacks who have prospered and done good with their lives: Herman Cain, Allen West, and my friend Winfred B., just to name a few. The black leaders need to teach how to take responsibility for their own lives, decisions, and failures, and work to help them learn how to prosper, and stress the importance of education. 


Defund the CRAP! We cannot afford it! What part of broke do you not understand???



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