I Love Duck Dynasty! Thank God For Our Christian Entrepreneurs! Hooray For Free Enterprise! Buy American! Go Mrs. Kay!

Duck Dynasty is “contributing” to society instead of “leeching” off society like people like obama, oprah, jackson, sharpton, wright, and all the other TAKERS!
We call it “free enterprise” and “survival”! I would rather spend my money with real American Christians, than support the godless liberals and demon-rats, like obama and his communist pig friends like oprah (my spelling is intentional)!

No one is forced to buy anything here. The SOB occupying our W.H. is trying to force us all to support the lazy liberals! I believe in supporting the entrepreneur who is working for a living instead of waiting for a “handout”.

It all reminds me of a lesson that I was taught years ago by one of my mentors. People are either “Givers” or “Takers” and I am a “Giver” and my mentor told me that as long as I was “Giving” the “Takers” would take until they sucked me dry if I let them.

For me it is all about Balance! Give some and take some. Do not allow others to suck you dry. Don’t allow others to make you feel guilty for doing well and being blessed by God. I work for what I want, help others when I can, and accept the “good” things along with the “bad” and do the best that I can with what God has given me.  

I believe in teaching others to “fish” not just feeding them “fish”. We are much more grateful for things that we have to work for, than when we are handed everything on a silver platter. 


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