Scandalous! NYC Elites aka “Obama’s People” Losing their Healthcare Plans and Doctors.

Oh, boo hoo for them! REPEAL THE GARBAGE THEN!! There should be NO exemptions, if we have to have the CRAP, then so does the Congress and the Usurper in the W.H.!!

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Concierge Doctor

New York City’s Progressive elites who long supported Barack Hussein Obama’s Communist healthcare plan are reeling from the revelations that just as 6 million healthcare policyholders in America are losing their healthcare plans and doctors, they too will lose their much coveted healthcare plans and network of doctors due to regulations under the Affordable Care Act.

The Commie elites find it abhorrent that they too are being nudged to procure healthcare insurance through healthcare exchanges, suffer elevated healthcare premiums, co-pays, deductibles while receiving substandard medical care like the rest of the country…..


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