It Is Not A Sign Of Weakness To Ask For Help! Everyone Needs Help Sometime!


Food stamps are neither good or bad. They are supposed to be used temporarily to help people and their children not starve that need help. Is there fraud and waste? I am sure there is, but don’t just lump everyone into a group and call them losers just because they have asked for help. I believe that it is really ignorant and closed-minded. I think it is outrageous for Illegals to be allowed to collect any kind of assistance, when they have not paid taxes into the system, or to be allowed to stay on the taxpayers back for years sucking our system dry. No wonder it is broke!

I am sixty and I have never taken help in the way of welfare or food stamps, because I always had a job. I graduated high school and college with honors. That is no guarantee, and some are sick, elderly, or disabled are unable to work. Would you rather them starve?? We cook at home, we do not drink or smoke, and we do not take trips anymore, or go to movies. We do not buy anything. We cut all expenses except food, gas, and rent and utilities. We do not buy anything that we don’t need. We barely survive, and yes after sixty years we do collect food stamps for the first time in our lives. We paid into this system all our lives. Social Security is not an “entitlement”! These are not “entitlements”! We paid for them.

It is really easy and judgmental to tell someone “that their children should be placed in a home”, just because a person is having financial problems, that is so cruel! “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. I hope you hateful people who put down people who need help, never need any help!

Thanks to obastard destroying jobs and our economy, there are less and less jobs. I know people with college degrees delivering pizza! They did not choose this crap. If we had a leader who knew how to create jobs, and was motivated to do so, they would stop blocking drilling for oil, and “killing jobs”.  But no, we have an Illegal, Marxist, Muslim, Usurper, who has NEVER had a job in his life, and does not have a clue as to how jobs are created!  Also, that SOB has screwed the American taxpayers out of paying for his college.  


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