United States of Socialist America

Politically Short

USA- T o understand how socialism would look in today’s America, one must understand that they perceive reality in a way that is utterly anti-American. Beginning with the hatred of capitalism to the illusion of our country as a failure. We must look at how socialism from a radical perspective, would go about fundamentally changing our country into their utopian fantasy known as The United States of Socialist America.

For starters, the universal concept that all socialists of past and present history consider to be the root of all evil is capitalism. Joel Kovel a proponent of eco-socialism and former Professor at Bard college, defines capitalism as something truly pathological. He writes, “Capitalism could be called a kind of metastasizing cancer, a disease that demands radical treatment and revolutionary change. Socialism is a movement to supersede capitalism because the present crisis [capitalism] is driven by the accumulation of capital [wealth]”.


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