Dr. Ben Carson-“Gifted Hands”- Solutions Instead of Excuses!

Texas Tea Party Patriots

Dr. Ben Carson, Solutions


God bless Dr. Carson and keep him safe from the idiots! I just bought his book, “Gifted Hands” today. It is excellent! I am already half way through it. Everyone needs to read it.

He was a victim of hurtful and racist people but he did not use that as an excuse for failing and went on to make a huge success of himself.

He does not play the “blame game” like obama, winfrey, and so many others do.

I am not black but I have friends who are. I am so proud of him. He should be an inspiration to all young people of all races. He proves the theory that if you are willing to work hard for what you want, then you can succeed.

SUCCESS-Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, Name Calling


Published on Feb 9, 2013

Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951. His mother, though under educated herself…

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