Quit Dithering: Truth has no Agenda it’s simply TRUTH! Don’t Argue, Dismiss, Demean..Research, Share w/’ Doubters and Dumbasses’

Texas Tea Party Patriots

Written by Val Shinkle April 8, 2013

Clear away the decades of ‘publicity manufactured’ formed illusions by those who seek to keep you in line, controlled and weak to THE REALITY OF ‘WHAT IS’, YOUR INDIVIDUAL FREE BORN STRENGTH, OF FREE WILL .  As we expose the lies,  Be a creator of POSITIVE VALUES, and look for SOLUTIIONS ..outside the boxes where those  who seek to keep us boxed, wrapped in tissues of political, entertainment and media lies, doubt and despair of seeing the genius of our own abilities.

 Character Counts, Truth Matters, Courage is Contagious. Leading in Love of Liberty enshrined in the ‘Bill of Rights’ [the why] the US Constitution [the how] and the 10 Universal Rules, are Commandments laid out by our Creator, that are found in all Peaceful Cultures and Faiths – save one. Christ gave his life to save us, Allah wants you to die for…

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