Is it Obama, his administration, maybe Political Correctness

The Contemplative Thinker

Is it Obama, his administration, maybe Political Correctness

I am not altogether certain what is going on in American universities, yet I ought too. For a person who has given a life’s worth of energy, motivation, life-long learning, and especially instruction there is nothing that can stand up for the absolute rubbish put forth by Rutgers University and several others as well.

holding diplomaBy the time an individual reaches university level learning it appears that one, they are reckless and disregarding the truth that is set before them everyday – that each individual is unique and they bring with them stories of all sordid situations. Two it is incumbent upon those who are listening to do just that – listen. Three try to put on that full armor or even listen and hear actively – c’mon you remember, where compassion meets up with action.

To put it out plainly and as…

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