It’s Official U.S. Government Behind Sudden Increase in Children Trying to Cross Our Border




6/8/2014 Cameron

If you have been following this story at all, you also probably know that our own Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder has taken some of the money that was budgeted and intended to be used to secure our borders and is using it to feed and clothe and detain these younger border jumpers, instead of deporting them. This type of conduct should surprise no one due to the lawlessness of this current administration on all matters dealing with illegal immigration. Not only that but Holder and company have decided that they deserve $2 million out of our secure Borders fund to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens… Obama has requested 2 billion… Not to deport the illegals… But to actively feed and house them and deliver them to any relatives already here illegally so they can stay here indefinitely…illegally …all together. In other words our executive department of the United…

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