Powdered Wig Society


by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

Federal agents are actively searching for vocal critics of the government, especially those critical of King Hussein, and in particular, veterans.

Watch the video below for one such case, that of Brandon Raub, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who was arrested for his anti-government/anti-Obama facebook posts, and committed to a mental hospital, and forced to undergo re-education to acquire a more tyranny-friendly perspective.

Will the last patriot to leave America please turn out the lights.

From The Rutherford Institute

In the four years since the start of Operation Vigilant Eagle, the government has steadily ramped up its campaign to “silence” dissidents, especially those with military backgrounds. Coupled with the DHS’ dual reports on Rightwing and Leftwing “Extremism,” which broadly define extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or…

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