Awesome!!!! Delegates from 29 states are meeting in Indiana to discuss and plan for a Convention of States. Washington is completely out of control. It appears that EVERYTHING that is done inside the beltway is counter to the benefit and welfare of the American people. The foresight of our divinely-inspired founders included Article V in our Constitution, allowing the states to go around Congress and the President, and amend our Constitution on their own. If I could write one amendment, it would be to repeal the 26th Amendment, and replace it with an amendment addressing the very serious problems we are having with our voting system. Our poorly-written voting laws and our corruptible voting system are the source of most of our problems. Fix our voting system and most of our other problems disappear. My Constitutional amendment would make the minimum voting age 25; voter ID would be an absolute requirement; absentee voting would be restricted to an absolute minimum; those on public assistance would not be eligible to vote; the current, compromisable electronic voting system would be replaced with a secure, incorruptible, uncompromisable system….

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Delegates begin planning for changes to U.S. Constitution

 Delegates begin planning for changes to U.S. ConstitutionMatt Huffman
               David Long
by Dan Carden, NWI Times

INDIANAPOLIS | Representatives and senators from 29 states met Thursday in the Indiana Statehouse to begin planning for the first state-led revisions to the U.S. Constitution since the nation’s fundamental governing document was enacted in 1789.

The significance of the work undertaken by The Mount Vernon Assembly to prepare for a future Convention of the States was not lost on the 94 official and participating delegates, mostly Republicans, who filled the House chamber.

“Nothing like this has occurred in over two centuries, though certainly the founders of this nation assumed it would have happened long…

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