Andrew Klavan: America, “The Country of the Blind”

MN Prager Discussion Group

I, Glenn Ray of Prager fandom, am not confident of a conservative victory in November. USA today is Obamaland where its press, its universities, many ‘churches’, black racists, gay fascists, feminist fanatics, its organized labor, crony capitalists, its uneducated younger, 70% of American Jewry, its television news and the nation’s entertainment industries are all invested in creating an atheistic, obedient Marxist rule over American life, all profiteering from celebrating the shallow, vulgar, the ignorant, all in the guise of a dictatorship of World “union” and World “peace”. Where in the above grouping of political activists, almost Nazi-like in their behavioral, educational, and thinking habits, will the salvation of the good in traditional America be receiving its votes?

Andrew Klavan writes at Pajamas Media….His following article was sent by Brian Ross:


“I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama. But I don’t…

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