Congress Should Focus On Jobs For Veterans~~Stop Giving Legal American’s Jobs to Illegals

NO JOBS FOR ILLEGALS-JOBS FOR OUR VETERANS AND LEGAL AMERICANSI will be BOYCOTTING Mexico until our American Marine is released! All Patriotic Americans will do the same!

BOYCOTT MEXICOInstead of allowing the Illegals to INVADE our country, and turning America into a third world hell hole like the one that they CRAWLED out of, Legal Americans and Veterans should receive jobs! This is America and we do NOT want our country turned into a third world socialist/communist country like your country! 

Our Congress’ priorities should be our LEGAL Americans and Veterans, you know the ones that pay your salaries, you SOBs! Anyone who votes for amnesty, and allowing Illegals to STEAL American jobs is a TRAITOR to America!!

“Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years.”

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