CNN: Fresh Air Appears to Vindicate Ferguson Police Officer’s Case

MN Prager Discussion Group

I am not surprised the black mobsters in Ferguson, Missouri have mouthed up black racism in the recent unfortunate death of an apparent bully and small time thief. Telling the truth is foreign to so many who inhabit the streets rather than churches, school rooms, and places of private enterprise.

I am wondering why no one in the American mass media has provided statistics regarding how rarely white policemen gun down innocent law-abiding blacks……even those less than innocent. Are they too wussy, too afraid to be called a white bigot for doing their job…..too remote in life from the depth of chaos and trouble within certain American geographies mostly caused by Democrat Party politics?

Among the most courageous Americans within our borders today are black…..They are black conservatives, men and women who dare to examine AND speak the truth of the profound evils pervasive throughout today’s Democrat-controlled and created urban…

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