Business Tries Not To Hire Illegals, Gets PUNISHED By The Justice Department

OMG, that is Illegal and Unconstitutional!! This is America NOT China or any of the other Communist hell holes! I would fight it!!

Businesses should be REWARDED for hiring Legal Americans NOT penalized!! 

LEGAL VS. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTSborder_deesIt is not about legal but illegal immigration Illegal Criminals

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Feds Punish Business For Engaging In ‘Citizenship-Discrimination’

A Texas catering business will pay the United States $26,400 for engaging in “citizenship-discrimination,” as part of a settlement with the Justice Department announced Tuesday.
Culinaire International unlawfully discriminated against employees based on their citizenship status, the Justice Department claimed, because it required non-citizen employees to provide extra proof of their right to work in the United States.
Culinaire has agreed to pay the United States $20,460 in civil penalties, receive training in anti-discrimination rules of the Immigration and Nationality Act, revise its work eligibility verification process, and create a $40,000 back pay fund for “potential economic victims.”
“Employers cannot discriminate against workers by requiring them to produce more documents than necessary in the employment eligibility verification and reverification processes,” Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights division, Molly Moran, said in a statement.
A lawful permanent resident’s card expires, but their…

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