September 19, 2014: The Power of the Pulpit

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The Power of the Pulpit

PBDB.jpgLast week pastors from all across the nation gathered in Washington D.C., for the WallBuilders Congressional Pastors’ Briefing. This Briefing connects pastors and ministry leaders with members of Congress and government officials who are “fighting the good fight” in Washington, D.C. They return home to their communities and pulpits empowered and equipped to lead their congregations to pray for those in leadership, to get their congregations inspired, and to impact the nation.

But they are not blazing an entirely new trail. Since the settlement of North America began, the clergy have fearlessly spoken out on governmental issues, 07dbb8e0-8f82-4649-add4-0216094418c7.pngteaching the Biblical principles that should govern nations, and pronouncing rebukes when a government strays from them. These leaders shaped the thinking of generations and, during the American Revolution, the British dubbed the preachers of the day the “Black Robe Regiment” because of the mighty effect they…

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