Uncle Sam Needs You

Treason Among Us

A country at war, at the very least, must recruit an Army and rally the nation behind a cause. When the cause is just the people willingly participate.

Islam gets it and their recruitment efforts are rewarded beyond anyone’s ken. Young women infidels, raised by infidels, are offering themselves up as baby factories to the worst abusers of women and children in the history of civilization. Young men abandon family, country and every comfort they have known to join an organization that may demand they strap on a few explosive devices and blow themselves to kingdom come in a grocery store. The incentive? 72 virgins will greet them in the hereafter for no apparent reason. Maybe they know something about corpus absentia fornicationem we don’t. The spirit is willing but the flesh is missing. How now brown cow?

Our recruitment program scrapes along the pavement, highlighted by endemic abuse of…

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