Does Popular Election of Senators Actually Give Us Less Qualified Senators?

The Constitutional Conservative


Not many people are familiar with the topic of direct election of Senators, much less its relevance to our everyday lives.  All we know is that we are inundated every two years with election mail, commercial ads and annoying phone calls.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every two years in a 50 state blitz by both political parties over control of the United States Senate.  And unfortunately, in many cases it seems, you end up with a choice on the ballot between two people that you would probably not trust to walk your dog.  That is how I feel here in North Carolina with our Senate election this year.  In the last hundred years of popularly electing Senators, I can actually make the case that we have had worse representation in our upper chamber in Washington than ever in the history of the United States, and I can…

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