Joel Osteen: «Obama is a Christian, doing a good job»


Just one more reason that I do NOT watch him! What an IDIOT!

Obama is NOT a Christian, and he sure as hell is NOT a good one or is doing a good job!!

He is as STUPID as all the other TV evangelists trying to suck people dry of their money! Barack HUSSEIN Obama has PROVEN that he works for satan.

And…those preachers who allow the muslim devils to come into their churches and spew propaganda are ALSO working for satan!!

Hope he goes broke for LYING and standing up for someone that works for the DEVIL!! He is NO Christian!

News that matters

Charismatic mega Church prosperity teacher Joel Osteen brands the US President as «A good Christian, who is doing a good job in a difficult time».

Joel Osteen and his wife

These questions came to mind while watching Joel Osteen and his lovely wife, Victoria, on CNN’s “Larry King Live” last week. King pointed out that many Americans are still confused about Obama’s religion and asked, «Does it matter?»

«Well, it matters to me,« said Osteen. «It matters to me that I know he loves the Lord, and I think it’s important that he has convictions from his faith. So to me, it matters when I’m making my personal decisions».

Mrs. Osteen weighed in, too: «It does. It matters to me. … I believe he is a Christian».


My comment:

The Holy Spirit shall leads us into the truth, and all the truth. Joel Osteen is one of the leading global preachers of the…

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