Valerie Obama-Jarrett = The Enemies Within!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.02.35 PMYou are either against Obama or your against America, because he hates America

Jarrett, the “ENEMY WITHIN”, is a TREASONOUS, COMMUNIST, DEMON-RAT and should be in Gitmo with the other TERRORISTS, including obama, pelosi, holder, and clinton!

Politically Short


Her control and influence on the President is unprecedented. She commands a staff of nearly three dozen and is referred to as the first friend of Michelle and Barack Obama.

“Thanks to her proximity to the President and first lady, she has become, in the eyes of some close political observers, the ‘De-Facto’ President of the United States, a virtual co-president to Chief Executive Obama”, writes author Edward Klein.

She is given a 24-hr security detail by the Secret Service, using guards “round the clock” even while shopping, at the gym, or visiting friends back in Chicago as if she was not only a member of the Obama family, but the President himself.

Jonathan Alter, author of The Center Holds: Obama and his Enemies, writes that, “she regularly accompanies Obama on travels abroad and, although foreign policy was not a particular interest or responsibility of hers, she…

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