A smoking gun from the obama administration

You are either against Obama or your against America, because he hates America Dupe and Chains

Pete's Alaska

DSCF0024.JPGIn order for obama-care to pass we were assured over and over for months on end that we would save money and be able to retain our doctors under the new health care system. From the President and White House press secretary to the speaker in the Senate we were guaranteed, like little children being patted on the head, that everything will be OK if the new obama-care program was passed. Those few lone voices speaking out over the radio waves were attacked for not supporting the Presidents program and at times even called racist because of their views.

However we now not only see that we must live with higher healthcare payments and in most cases cannot keep our former doctors, we also have the smoking gun proving that the administration knew and did not care that it was lying to the American public every time it assured us…

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