Ferguson Oath Keepers challenge order to leave


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(KTVI)- A week ago today as Ferguson smoldered, the Oath Keepers, a volunteer network of current and former us military, police and firefighters moved in to guard businesses, residents and peaceful protesters. However, on Saturday, they were ordered to leave by St. Louis County police after being welcomed earlier in the week.

Leader Sam Andrews complied but is legally challenging that order to leave. Tuesday, they are going to get an order against that junction. The organization is looking for volunteers to assist.

“Chief Belmar has told his men to do unconstitutional things like ID people who have not committed crimes. Coming on private property ad ordering them off of private property when they are not committing a crime. Chief Belmar needs to resign or start acting in a very constitutional way.” said Sam Andrews.

Why did they tell you to vacate?

“They claim that they had…

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