Weapons Inventor Says U.S. Ripped Him Off “U.S. Gov’t asked (presumably in jest) whether Mr. Trunk is now required to ‘shoot himself’ since he is in possession of classified information”

Engineering Evil


WASHINGTON (CN) – A man whose stealth technology and weapons inventions put him on the road to a Nobel Prize says the government declassified his patents to reap the rewards.

Physicist and engineer Frank Trunk made the allegations in a federal complaint, originally filed under seal, against U.S. Navy Secretary Raymond Mabus, Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, Defense Secretary Charles Hagel and Michelle Lee, the deputy director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Trunk says he made his breakthroughs in 1993, filing for patents for inventions involving aircraft and ship stealth technology, submarine stealth technology and nuclear-weapon designs.

“Those applications describe fundamental breakthroughs in physics and material science that according to one senior Navy scientist ‘are the sort of thing Nobel prizes are made of,'” the Dec. 8 complaint states.

Though the Office of Naval Research (ONR) classified the patents in 2000 because exposure posed a…

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