Police Say this Texas Man did “What Every Homeowner” would do to Protect His Family


Give Me Liberty

This is from Freedom OutPost.

I have a feeling such shootings will happen more and more.

I do not think it was wise of the homeowner to exit his house.

Imagine yourself waking at 4 am by the sound of your doorbell ringing and an unknown man on the other side of your door demanding to be let in. That’s exactly what happened to a Texas man on Friday morning and it resulted in the unknown man taking a bullet to the chest as the man defended his family against the intruder.

WFAA reports:

A man who repeatedly rang a doorbell and knocked on a front door was fatally shot Friday morning by the homeowner after the two fought in a yard, authorities said Friday.

Before he was shot to death, the man repeatedly demanded to be let in the house, said Wise County Sheriff David Walker on Friday.

“The homeowner armed…

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