‘Flag Baby’ Gets National Attention For Incredible Reason [VIDEO]

I hope that the poor lady gets rich off the pic. I love the pic!

Give Me Liberty

This is from Joe For America.

Larry Scumbag Flynt uses the American Flag as a diaper  nothing but silence.

Bill The Terrorist Ayers stomps on the American Flag nothing.

Muslims burn and defecate on the American Flag again silence.

 Vanessa Hicks a mother and a Navy veteran snaps a picture of her baby girl laying on the American Flag and people go nuts.

I personally do not have a problem with the picture.

An Idaho photographer is finding herself at the center of some unwanted attention after she posted a photo to her Facebook page of a beautiful family moment that happened to feature the American flag.

What? Yep, read on, as East Idaho News reports:

A photographer and Navy veteran is fighting back after a photo she posted to Facebook started an online backlash.

Vanessa Hicks said she had no idea her photo would be considered controversial. The photo, from a military family’s newborn photo…

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