One Year after Trump is elected President

By Jim Campbell

crew-22312Would Donald Trump actually do this?

It would be a great idea, after the current occupants will have trashed the place, the White House will be in need of a complete do over.

Why not make it into a Trump tower, with room to house the majority of agencies while selling off the current building for highest and best use. 

H/T D/DwbBrVk4w28COLh5qOJDVTHUIy3CM33ksD08_zzwqMoLIPuYx02No21ZSq4kkgXVZJ0HmWw=s0-d-e1-ft

The Supreme Court could be converted into a maximum security federal penitentiary, to house Supreme Court Judges who fail to follow the U.S. Constitution, as well as members of congress who have failed to uphold their oaths to protect the U.S. Constitution and Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

That would include all those currently serving as letters of impeachment have yet to be drawn.

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