Donald Trump and the Civil War uprising among Real Republicans


Great post! Sharing. I totally agree with everything that you have had to say. I, too am a Christian, Conservative, and I want my country back! I pray that God will help us save her! 

I love Trump and Cruz, Walker, or Palin. The more that Trump spouts off about the evil and corruption in America, the more I love him. 

ANYONE but the Communist, Demon-Rat, Murderess Clinton! 

MN Prager Discussion Group

I am so conservative, I still believe in God and the JudeoChristian Bible, as the core for understanding the purposes of human life; the struggle to know, bare soul, and raise children accordingly in a free society.

“THERE IS NEITHER GOOD, NOR BAD” the ancients have recorded and added: ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!”

But, what happens, when we live in a time when thinking among the masses has become so foreign, so distant to the human experience, both at home here in America, and abroad, they no longer wish to live, learn, and do civilized, thereby reducing themselves to the animal, both the trained and the untrained?

In our rapidly descending America the masses had elected Barack Hussein Obama of clever mouth and all of the evils which accompany his mass deceit and tyranny. In our now ever more rapidly descending America the masses rally around the habitual liar…

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