Exclusive Interview With Oath Keepers in Ferguson


I will NOT post any of you Obama THUGS on my page, I will NOT give you THUGS the attention that you want! Go back to killing each other off like you have been doing, but leave the innocent law abiding Americans out of yours and Obama’s RACE BAITING and BLAMING!!

YOU are your own problem, NOT the rest of the world, NOT society, NOT your mama or daddy, NOT whitey, NOT the police!! Get over it!!

If you have not heard it, listen to the Eagles song, “Get Over It”! The song fits you perfectly!!!!

We are being ruled by the CRIMINALS! The LIARS lie in order to try and intimidate us into NOT defending ourselves and protecting the innocent in Ferguson! That is what the LIBERAL BIASED MEDIA wants you to believe!

Thank God, for our Oathkeepers!!! The police are supposed to protect the INNOCENT not the CRIMINALS!! We pay their fucking salaries!! INSANITY!


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