I’m a Hillary Clinton fan: I hope she bows out with grace


I am NOT a Hillary Clinton fan and NEVER have been! She is an EVIL, LYING, CORRUPT, COMMUNIST BITCH!! 

Instead of bowing out gracefully, because she has NO grace! I hope that she drops dead and goes to ROT IN HELL with her other Communist PIGS!!!!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Spoken like the true socialist she is, Mary Dejevsky’s  piece below is all fluff and the usual “Feel Good,” no factual substance.

Hillary Clinton will be dropping out.  She can’t be a U.S. President.

Her not so swift move to keep separate servers was not just against the law and a probably felony, it opens her wide for blackmail.

Bowing out with grace?  That’s a complete laugh.


The phrase comes to mind, “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.”

When it finally becomes clear to this walking catastrophe that she is out, look for her to unleash a scorched earth policy.

After all, Hillary has the goods on her enemies from both sides of the aisle and when she decides to use it, she will turn a completely dysfunctional Washington on its head.

It’s not what may have been hacked that we have become aware of, but what our…

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