Sheriff Defies Obama, Refuses to Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders on Guns (VIDEO)

gun ownerhitler disarm gun

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Pinal County Sheriff’s Officer, Paul Babeu is absolutely correct when he suggests that it’s not just the Second Amendment we must be concerned about but the entire U.S. Constitution.

Obama and his illegal executive articles makes him little more a petty tyrant as he literally tramples on it as he walks though it as though it were not there. 


The 2nd Amendment is under assault.

As an American living in Illinois, I can attest to that first hand. I simply do not have 2nd Amendment rights unless the government gives me “permission” that I have to pay for and then beg for.

And even then my rights are restricted in every way possible.

The video below was released in 2013 it’s every bit as accurate as when it was first released.

One county Sheriff has had enough. And he’s not holding…

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