This Is What Clinton Is Hiding In Her Emails


Obama and Clinton they knew, and they should be made to pay for the TREASON and MURDERS!! NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE STALLING!!


Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

Swamp land in Florida, anyone? From following the evidence trail for 3 years, I am convinced that the Clinton emails deal with Benghazi and the ongoing ISIS/drug cartel invasion of the United States.

Take four minutes and watch the video linked here regarding the Mexican drug cartel invasion of Pinal County, AZ., which borders metropolitan Phoenix, in which this invading army controls vast swaths of land on American soil and the Obama administration refuses to act against this organized invading Army.

In the above linked video, on August, 19, 2015, Neil Cavuto interviewed Sheriff Babeu of Pinal County about the takeover of parts of his county by the drug cartels. The situation is so bad that it has drawn the attention of Presidential candidate, Ben Carson who has pledged to put the National Guard on the border in order to secureā€¦

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