It’s NOT the Job of Republicans to “Correct” People Who Hate Obama. Their job is to tell the TRUTH!

OBAMA IS NOT AN AMERICAN AND HAS NO INTEGRITY WHATSOEVERIt is the job of ALL of our politicians to tell the TRUTH! Something that BHO knows nothing about! Go get them, TRUMP!

He should NEVER apologize for telling the TRUTH! BHO is a MUSLIM!

Hell, I am excited that we have a candidate like Trump that will stand up to the Commie PIGS! I would lose respect for Trump if he ever backs down and apologizes for telling the TRUTH!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Not to quibble with a single word with Daniel Greenfield, Obama isn’t part of the problem, “He is the problem.”

Since when is it the job of Republicans to defend Obama?

It’s the members of congress’ job to impeach him, find him guilty in the senate then press on with finding him guilty of treason.

O.K.. I can dream can’t I?

Front Page Magazine


Recently MoveOn, an organization close to Obama, accused senators opposed to Iran getting nukes of being traitors.

It also attacked the Jewish Schumer by claiming, “We don’t need another Lieberman in the Senate.” (It might be gratifying if all the liberals calling out Ann Coulter’s Tweets were as willing to call out blatant anti-Semitism by one of their own organizations.)

I don’t recall Obama condemning MoveOn.

Instead he added to the chorus by accusing opponents of being behind the Iraq War.

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