With guns on hips, Roseburg protesters declare ‘Obama Free Zone’

gun ownerblack_skin_privilege_american_dream

Obama is a sorry BASTARD, no matter what race his is, no one really knows for sure! I hate him for what he is doing to DESTROY our beloved country!

We the People, will NEVER allow you or anyone else to take away our Rights or Freedoms!

You have done everything in your power to take away all of our Rights and Freedoms, but we will NEVER allow you to take them. You will have to kill us all.

STOP allowing the Corrupt Communist U.N. to occupy our land and ROB us of taxpayers money!!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Once again Obama mixes “Mourning with fundraising,” in his trip to Roseburg, Oregon. 

The only thing transparent about his administration is him.

When he talks it’s an open book of lies.

In the video at the bottom of this page, Lisa Haven gives her take using sourcing from the media to expose Obama from what we know him to be……….”A complete fraud.”

By Oregonian (Portland, OR)

ROSEBURG — With pistols holstered at their hips and signs held aloft declaring “Obama Free Zone,” gun rights supporters grabbed the national spotlight Friday in the conservative timber town where the country’s latest mass shooting spurred a visit by the president.

Hundreds lined the road just outside the airport waiting for President Obama to land and drive across town to meet with the families of students who died at Umpqua Community College eight days ago in Oregon’s worst mass shooting.



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